Wednesday, 7 August 2013

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Friday, 31 May 2013

Free Your Mind

I've been doing a bit of traveling, and am always so amazed by what I find other women creating. I was recently in a small country town called Young at Robynette Fabric Salon and was presented with this darling little bag. 

It is such a simple concept and a great way to practice free motion sewing. It is as simple as making a "quilt sandwich" ( fabric, batting, and tear away interfacing on the bottom) and then free motion flowers onto the rectangular piece of fabric. After you are satisfied, cut the flower shape out (eliminating in funky stray stitching), and hot glue them onto a woven bag. So simple, yet so effective!!!  

Look at these other designs below.

It is so wonderful to constantly be amazed and inspired by others!!!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Pillow Madness!!!

I've always felt that a well made pillow can transform the look of a couch, bed, or bench. It is also a great way to try new techniques with out wasting too much fabric or time. Perhaps you just bought an embroidery machine and you want to give it a whirl. The best fabric to start embroidering with is a woven medium to heavy weight cotton. It is more predictable and has less room for errors. Below is a pic of a funky embroidered pillow.

Or perhaps you want to do a bit of appliqué or quilting. Show off your new found skills by creating one of a kind pillows!!

This pillow was designed by me to encourage sewers to try different techniques and explore the world of optional accessories that are available for their machines. 

Piping can always give your pillows that professional look!!

Or you can use up some of your scrap quilting fabrics to appliqué a flower. 

Felt is always a great way to add a bit of texture and birds are always in style!!!

A Ruffle...


Or Fancy pin Pom frindge, the choice is up to you!!!'

So go add a bit of life to your couch, expand your sewing skills, and get to makin' and creatin'!!

A little bit of bling

Turn that vintage jewelry laying around into a GEORGOUS necklace!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Flora and Fauna

Nature has always been a huge source of inspiration for me when designing clothing, patterns, or accessories. But you don't have to be a designer or a seamstress to incorporate nature's inspiration into your wardrobe. 

Below are pictures of two beautiful flowers that I found here in Australia. The soft butter yellow is pure perfection as it melts into the white. Similar to what Annelien is wearing on the left: soft yellow and white top, complimented by white linen shorts, and the entire outfit reflects the cool casual feel of summer. 

Here is another example of how colors can inspire your outfit. Take a look at the Hibiscus below. The pink just pops off the bright green and kelly green background.

You can also see here how the pink and green combination on this dress are extremely flirty and fun!

 I've also learned that color is not the only inspiration that nature's beauty holds. Take a look at the structure of the flower below. 

Similar to the felt flower on the pillow I designed.

Isn't it just amazing how much nature has to offer? The colors and intricacy of the designs are just breath taking! Next time your out for a walk, take a look around and see what inspires you!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Pop Yo Colour

 Pump up the volume in your wardrobe! Here I took a simple scarf that I had made out of orange fabric and paired it with a classic navy blue dress. 

Having a basic understanding of how a color wheel works can drastically change your world. If you notice on the picture I have below: What is directly across from blue???... thats right ORANGE. It really is amazing. So next time you have a pretty plain outfit that you are trying to jazz up, whip out your trusty color wheel, and you may just find a new way to wear an old favorite. 

Here are a few more examples of using color. I know that they may seem a bit extreme, but it is all about taking the idea or theory and trying to apply it into your life.

Now get out there and start looking fabulous!
Love Lots!

Friday, 20 January 2012

New Stuff

Im so happy to introduce to everyone the newest addition to my patterns at Lindsey Rae Designs. The Sweet Adelaide PDF. The pattern is available in my etsy shop, and I also have a BIG promotion going on right now: Buy all three of my flower patterns for just $7.50. Amazing, I know!!! Once I get my sewing machine up and running again I cant wait to share with you all of the ideas that have been swirling around in my head!